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The key aim of the curriculum at ​Millbridge is to prepare our children for their future lives in education, the workplace and as citizens of the world. It is our role to broaden horizons and open possibilities.  

It is important to us that we produce children who are articulate and capable of being their own advocates in an ever-changing and demanding environment. We work tirelessly to develop the skills and knowledge in all our children that they will need to succeed in life.

The basic principles of our curriculum:

  • Learning is a change to long-term memory.

  •  Our aims are to ensure that our children experience a wide breadth of study and have, by the end of each Key Stage, long-term memory of an ambitious body of knowledge.


Our curriculum drivers:

  • The consideration of ‘possibilities’ drives the breadth of our curriculum. Many of our pupils struggle to see beyond their ‘immediate and familiar’. Through the use of this curriculum driver we ensure that we give our children appropriate and ambitious curriculum opportunities.

  • Cultural capital gives our children the vital background knowledge required to be informed and thoughtful members of a wider community, who understand and believe British Values.

  • Understanding of locality – our curriculum aims to give our children a sense of belonging in terms of making sense of their local area.  

We have a responsibility to help to shape the lives of our pupils in order to develop well-rounded, caring and employable citizens of society and our curriculum has this aim at its heart.